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immobilienmanager portfolio transformation in the focus in Hamburg

Portfolio transformation imFokus at Union Investment in Hamburg

This week, I was at Union Investment's Emporio high-rise in Hamburg. The magazine Immobilienmanager (Rudolf Müller Mediengruppe) organized an event on transforming existing buildings as part of its inFocus series.

This was an exciting event because the building sector is known to be responsible for a significant proportion of energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. What I took away from the event was that transforming real estate portfolios is a critical component of climate strategy and the fulfillment of ESG criteria. However, it also represents a considerable financial effort, especially for private housing companies with low-priced rental apartments, which must be economically feasible. Therefore, the key challenge is finding the solution that enables the most significant CO₂ reduction at the lowest cost. To achieve this, all market participants must get involved. Everyone benefits from this.

During the event, the Union Investment portfolio development Quartier Wandsbek Markt was also visited. It is currently one of the largest privately financed transformation projects in Hamburg. By 2027, a new quarter with restaurants, apartments, and a university will be built around the listed Karstadt building. Union Investment is investing a three-digit million euro sum in the revitalization project.

Many thanks to the Immobilienmanager magazine for an interesting event, Union Investment for their hospitality, and the exciting insights during the property tour.

Here is the program:

Moderation: André Eberhard and Roswitha Loibl (immobilienmanager)

Welcoming address: Henrike Waldburg (Union Investment Real Estate)

Lecture: The high-rise building as a game changer in the climate transition? Building type "E" in existing high-rise buildings? What is feasible, or is it all window dressing?

Thomas Walter (Thomas Walter Architects)

Michael Wiggering (Wolfgramm Architects)

Panel: Sabine Georgi (ULI Germany/Austria/Switzerland), Nicola Halder-Hass (Verband für Bauen im Bestand), Prof. Dr. Nico B. Rottke (RQI Immobilien), Steffen Wittwer (Sonar Development)

Interview: Riding the wave of refurbishment. How can a portfolio holder do this?

Lars von Lackum (LEG Immobilien)

Tour of "Quartier Wandsbek Markt"

Presentation of the project, Bent Mühlena (Union Investment Real Estate)

Ronny Kazyska with Lars von Lackum CEO of LEG Immobilien SE at a Union Investment real estate event
Ronny Kazyska & Lars von Lackum (LEG Immobilien SE)
Ronny Kazyska with Bent Mühlena from Union Investment Real Estate at the viewing of the quarter development Wandsbek market
Ronny Kazyska & Bent Mühlena (Union Investment Real Estate)
Ronny Kazyska with Ronald Joachim Behrendt from Union Investment Real Estate at the viewing of the quarter development Wandsbek market
Ronny Kazyska & Ronald Joachim Behrendt (Union Investment Real Estate)

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