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Funds professional Congress 2024 in Mannheim

The Funds professional Congress 2024 and the real estate industry

The Funds professional Congress 2024 in Mannheim provided a forum for discussions and presentations and an opportunity to exchange ideas directly with companies from the real estate industry.

Each exhibitor contributed their perspective on current trends and challenges, from residential and commercial real estate to specialized investment strategies such as infrastructure investments.

Primus Valor AG emphasized that the real estate market would offer the most excellent anti-cyclical opportunity in years.

Paribus Invest presented current investment opportunities in an elevator pitch.

The AS Unternehmensgruppe presented its successes in the portfolio real estate segment and the resulting potential for value appreciation.

The One Group emphasized that the current crisis offers opportunities with the right investment concepts.

KanAm Grund showed how they identify and exploit opportunities in the real estate market despite the current challenges.

Industria Wohnen emphasized the potential of the German housing market in the face of the shortage of affordable housing.

Dr. Peters Group discussed the future of the real estate market in a panel.

Habona Invest presented its specialization in the retail property sector and underlined the crisis resistance of this asset class.

Commerz Real AG discussed the future of open-ended real estate funds and showed how they use flexibility and expertise to seize opportunities.

Wertgrund Immobilien AG focused on its involvement in residential real estate.

Swiss Life dealt with infrastructure investments.

Verifort Capital Group provided information on healthcare real estate's specific opportunities and risks.

Carestone Group highlighted its involvement in the growing market for care properties.

PATRIZIA GrundInvest KVG focused on using artificial intelligence to optimize real estate investments.

Domicil Real Estate Group explained why investments in existing properties are rewarding.

Despite the crisis, the congress emphasized the importance of real estate as a stabilizing element in portfolios. The gala night of the Fonds Kongress 2024, crowned by the presentation of the German Fund Award, was a glittering event highlight. It provided the perfect setting for networking and recognizing outstanding achievements in the fund industry.

I am convinced that the insights and contacts I gained at the congress will help me and my clients to make the best decisions in the current market environment.

Ronny Kazyska with Christian Drake (Paribus) & Sonja Rösch (PB3C)

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