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ASD Panel in Frankfurt

The ASD REAL ESTATE team of the law firm Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein, which specializes in commercial law, had invited to the panel "Projects in crisis - what options do creditors and debtors have?" this week.

The event occurred in ASD's new premises in Frankfurt's high-rise "The Spin" on Güterplatz, which opened this year (architect: Hadi Teherani).

The two lawyers Dr. Wolfgang Scholl and Franz Kleinschmidt, presented the possible measures for creditors, procedures for first-ranking and subordinate creditors, and possibilities for project developers such as reorganization, restructuring, insolvency, and spin-off.

Tax consultant and auditor Alexander Lehnen (Tax, Real Estate Tax, Funds) then moderated a panel on the current market situation. His discussants were Andreas Grießinger head of the Frankfurt office of Berlin Hyp, and José Martínez one of the managing partners at Groß & Partner.

An informative and friendly get-together completed the evening afterward.

I thank ASD very much for the invitation.

Ronny Kazyska at the ASD Panel in Frankfurt.
Ronny Kazyska with Dr. Wolfgang Scholl & Franz Kleinschmidt (both ASD)

Ronny Kazyska at the ASD Panel in Frankfurt.
Ronny Kazyska with Alexander Lehnen (ASD) & Andreas Grießinger (Berlin Hyp)

The Spin Frankfurt
The Spin Frankfurt

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