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Ronny Kazyska (M.Sc.) as a guest author in Immobilien Zeitung

Frankfurt/Germany. Ronny Kazyska (M.Sc.) provides a market assessment of future real estate prices on the residential investment market in a guest article on page 2 of the current issue of Immobilien Zeitung (15-2022 / 14.04.2022). The direction of real estate prices in the residential investment market is currently controversial in the real estate industry. He does not believe that a significant correction in real estate prices is expected due to the increase in energy regulations and the current rise in financing costs. Some market participants believe up to 25% price corrections are possible in the next 36 months, particularly in the seven major metropolitan centers of Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, and Stuttgart. However, the currently much-discussed possible immediate gas and oil embargo against Russia could also harm real estate prices, depending on the extent of the economic consequences.

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Immobilien Zeitung (IZ) is the leading German real estate publication. As the top medium in the real estate industry, it is regarded as a leading publication and provides background information, market data, and company news. The print version is published weekly every Thursday. It is completed by the news portal Its newsletter IZ aktuell provides daily information on what is happening in the German real estate market.

The readership of Immobilien Zeitung includes developers, builders, planners, investors, financiers, agents, asset managers, property managers, and valuers.

Ronny Kazyska is a broker and valuer of investment properties in Germany. The company focuses on all commercial properties such as office, retail, industrial, special or operator-run properties as well as on residential properties such as apartment complexes, multi-family houses, apartment buildings or mixed residential and commercial buildings. The head office is in Frankfurt and the company is active in all major cities in Germany through an excellent investor network. A large number of real estate transactions have already been successfully accompanied. Ronny Kazyska is economically independent and free of third party interests and thus autonomous of instructions, insurance as well as banks. Valuations are carried out according to national and/or international valuation methods.

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