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Ronny Kazyska was awarded the Master of Science in Real Estate Valuation

Second real estate related academic degree for Ronny Kazyska

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Frankfurt/Germany. Ronny Kazyska finished his extra-occupational studies at the University Anhalt in Bernburg in 2020, and was awarded the Master of Science in Real Estate Valuation. The University Anhalt is the leading university in the science of Real Estate Valuation in Germany, with a focus on investment properties, both domestic and abroad. The Masters degree follows the graduation of Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate at the private Steinbeis University in Berlin. This is the second real estate related academic degree he has completed. Before completing his academic education he completed a real estate apprenticeship and a real-estate diploma-programme (DIA).

Ronny Kazyska is a real estate agent and valuer of investment property operating throughout Germany. The company focuses on all commercial real estate, including offices, shops, and industrial buildings; as well as residential real estate (apartment buildings, houses, etc.). The company"s head office is located in Frankfurt am Main, with the real estate agent active in all major towns in Germany thanks to an excellent investor network. The company has already successfully arranged and concluded a large number of sales and transactions. Ronny Kazyska is an independent company and free from third-party interests (directives, insurance, and banks).

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