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Ronny Kazyska (M.Sc.) joins CTBUH in Chicago / USA

More high-rise buildings are necessary for Germany due to urbanization

Ronny Kazyska

Frankfurt/Germany. Ronny Kazyska (M.Sc.) has joined the non-profit organization CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat), headquartered in Chicago in the USA. The international organization is dedicated to scientific research and data collection on tall buildings. As a special form of high-rise buildings, it focuses mainly on skyscrapers with a height of 150 meters or more. The organization is respected worldwide and has been publishing international guidelines on measuring the height of skyscrapers since 1969.

"Given the space problems in German conurbations due to urbanization, it is incomprehensible to me that there is not much more construction activity in Germany in terms of height. Instead of increasing the real estate market regulation, which does not create any new space, it would be better to develop ideas on improving the supply of space in city centers. I am convinced that high-rise buildings can make a valuable contribution to alleviating the space problem. Considering the important sustainability aspect, high-rise buildings are a sustainable building type on a per capita basis. By sharing space, infrastructure, and buildings, increased energy efficiency makes high-rise buildings more environmentally friendly than conventional properties. They also have a long technical lifetime. In fact, up to now, only five skyscrapers worldwide over a height of 150 meters have been voluntarily demolished for economic reasons. However, the most sustainable aspect of skyscrapers is the lower demand for infrastructure. Therefore, building land is conserved, building material is saved, and the energy demand for the operation or maintenance of the infrastructure is significantly lower. For these reasons, I have decided to support CTBUH. I am looking forward to the exchange and new input from high-rise experts operating worldwide," says Ronny Kazyska about his motivation to join CTBUH.

Ronny Kazyska is a broker and valuer of investment properties in Germany. The company focuses on all commercial properties such as office, retail, industrial, special or operator-run properties as well as on residential properties such as apartment complexes, multi-family houses, apartment buildings or mixed residential and commercial buildings. The head office is in Frankfurt and the company is active in all major cities in Germany through an excellent investor network. A large number of real estate transactions have already been successfully accompanied. Ronny Kazyska is economically independent and free of third-party interests and thus autonomous of instructions, insurance as well as banks. Valuations are carried out according to national and/or international valuation methods.

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