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  • Ronny Kazyska

Ranking top multipliers 04/2022

top multipliers of all asset classes in Germany 04/2022 based on the market rent:

apartment building: 48

mixed-use property: 47

apartment complex: 40

office: 36

retail: 33

logistics: 30

student housing: 27

assisted Living: 27

hotel: 26

retail park: 25

warehouse property: 25

converted property: 25

medical office building: 25

supermarket: 25

daycare center: 24

nursing home: 23

big box / discounter: 21

diy store: 21

data center: 20

business park: 20

convalescent home: 20

light manufacturing: 19

shopping center: 19

parking garage: 18

hospital: 12

The nationwide ranking of top multipliers provides an overview of the factors up to which all asset classes are currently being traded. In individual cases, the top multipliers are also exceeded, depending on the quality of the building, location, amount of rent, tenant credit rating, and lease agreement. The estimates serve as a first orientation.

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