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Political Dialogue in Frankfurt

At a Union event this week, I had the opportunity to talk personally to Tanja Jost (CDU), a member of the state parliament, about the construction and real estate industry. The Frankfurt native is a member of the Hessian state parliament, which has a Christian-Social Democratic coalition as the state government.

Hesse money

The introduction of the Hesse money is fixed. The federal state will subsidize the first owner-occupied home with 10,000 euros for up to two buyers and 5,000 euros per child. It is granted for new builds and the purchase of an existing property. The Hesse money applies retroactively to purchases made from March 1, 2024.

Further plans, among others

In order to remedy the housing shortage, significant efforts are being made to simplify construction processes. This includes the acceleration and simplification of the designation of additional residential building land. Building should become more cost-effective overall. The regulations are being reviewed with the aim of simplifying the process. Approval and planning processes will be simplified and accelerated. Promotion of simpler construction through the introduction of a building type (E). Conversion of commercial properties and vacant office space into residential space will be made easier. Bureaucratic hurdles and obstacles under monument protection law are to be removed.

Many thanks for the informative exchange. It is always better to get first-hand information.

Ronny Kazyska and the German CDU politician from the Hesse parlament Tanja Jost
Ronny Kazyska & Tanja Jost (CDU)

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