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Political dialog Radio Frankfurt

Last weekend, at an event in Radio Frankfurt's Skyline Studio, I had the opportunity to talk in person with our Federal Minister of Justice, Dr. Marco Buschmann, and Dr. Stefan Naas, the housing spokesman for the FDP in the Hessian state parliament.

Exploding rents in metropolitan areas are due to an insufficient supply of apartments. From an investor's point of view, investments in housing construction are only attractive if adequate returns can be generated from renting. Given the tight market situation, residential construction needs incentives or easing. We are a long way from 400,000 new apartments per year. The best way to protect tenants is to increase supply.

The construction and real estate industries certainly agree here.

We can look forward to the results of tomorrow's housing summit at the Chancellor's Office.

Many thanks for the invitation to the Frankfurt notary and lawyer Nina Horbach. She is a partner in the law firm Avocado. The law firm has several offices in Germany. Dr. Thorsten Lieb, member of the Bundestag and district chairman of the FDP Frankfurt, is also a law firm partner.

Insider Tip:

According to Tim Lauth, managing director of Radio Frankfurt, its rooms in the Citygate with a roof terrace overlooking the Frankfurt skyline can be rented for events.

Ronny Kazyska at political dialog from Radio Frankfurt.
Ronny Kazyska & Dr. Marco Buschmann MdB

Ronny Kazyska at political dialog of Radio Frankfurt.
Ronny Kazyska & Dr. Stefan Naas MdL

Ronny Kazyska at political dialog of Radio Frankfurt.
Ronny Kazyska & Dr. Thorsten Lieb MdB

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