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Panel discussion at the Rotonda Business Club in Cologne

This week I had the opportunity to be a guest at the Rotonda Business Club in Cologne to follow a panel discussion.

The speakers were members of the management of Swiss Life Asset Managers Germany, Pandion AG, and Hüttig und Rompf.

The topics included the cool down in transaction activity, the sudden turnaround in interest rates with high momentum, inflation, analysis, and outlook for the residential and office submarkets:

- The 400,000 new apartments per year targeted by Construction Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) will be missed by a wide margin under the current conditions.

- Housing shortages in metropolitan areas continue to worsen.

- Rents for apartments are rising.

- High demand for offices in good locations.

- ESG is increasingly gaining importance.

- Falling rent levels for offices in poor locations and low energy efficiency.

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