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on-geo days 2024 in Erfurt

For certified valuation experts like me, who must attend continuous professional education, Erfurt was worth visiting this week. Once a year, the company on-geo invites experts to its "on-geo days" series of events. The event is a non-public two-day congress with an evening event focusing on real estate valuation.

On-geo is a data platform for valuers and software-supported real estate valuation providers. Valuers determining mortgage lending values in the banking sector are particularly familiar with the on-geo software LORA. It is widely used there.

When Ron Hess (Head of Communications and Public Relations) and Matthias Knabe (CEO) invited me, I was of course happy to travel from Frankfurt to Erfurt for this event. I got to know Ron Hess as the show intern at this year's immobilienmanager Awards. He also has his own #ichlernenoch column there and hosts the podcast "Zur ImmobilienWirtschaft - The Industry Pub".

The congress took place at the Dorint Hotel at the Erfurt Cathedral. The agenda was top-class, with exciting presentations on topics such as ESG, building in existing buildings, and regulation. In addition to the main program, there were also several exciting workshops. The venue for the evening event was the Zentralheize, not far from the Dorint Hotel—the largest industrial monument in Erfurt. The participants could exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere with the best hospitality.

Many thanks to on-geo for an interesting congress and a wonderful evening event.

Here is the main program of the congress:

Selected current regulatory requirements for real estate valuation - processes and content (Dr. Karsten Schröter)

Making green values measurable: Introduction to HypZert ESG scoring for future-oriented real estate valuation (Tanja Reiß - HypZert)

"Old but sexy" Building in existing buildings - from why to how! (Anastasija Radke - KVL Group)

Making construction financing simple: New Allianz advisory system (Fabian Knöller - Allianz Lebensversicherung)

AI, the human being, and a dispute with MaRisk (Tim Sebastian Körwers - msg for banking ag)

Expert committees in Germany - current status and future challenges (Peter Ache - DVW e.V. Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management)

Valuation of sports real estate using the example of an Olympic training center (Patrick Beier)

Green figures, red lines: ESG in real estate valuation - focus on data, values, and expertise (Martinus Kurth - Kenstone, Franz Muschler - Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Falk Rüdiger - S-Servicepartner Berlin)

Ronny Kazyska and Ron Hess at the real estate expert event on-geo days in Erfurt
Ronny Kazyska & Ron Hess (on-geo GmbH)
Ronny Kazyska and Matthias Knabe at the real estate expert event on-geo days in Erfurt
Ronny Kazyska & Matthias Knabe (on-geo GmbH)

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