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"More high-rise buildings!" German Real Estate Newspaper (Immobilien Zeitung), edition 22/2021

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As the leading medium in the German real estate industry, I am pleased that the real estate newspaper (Immobilien Zeitung) has published my opinion on the reluctant willingness to update the high-rise master plan in Frankfurt. Here my words demanding more high-rise buildings to read again:

"The future coalition in Frankfurt intends to proceed cautiously in the further update of the high-rise master plan. This position is surprising to me, given the high importance of climate protection and housing in the coalition agreement. Densely populated cities with high-rise buildings are, on a per capita basis, more environmentally friendly. The reason for this is increasing energy efficiency through the shared use of space, infrastructure, and buildings. At first glance, high-rise buildings do not appear environmentally friendly because of their building mass, which requires many materials and energy. Energy consumption is also high because of air conditioning and elevators. On the other hand, the working life of high-rise buildings is significantly longer than that of standard properties. The most sustainable aspect of high-rise buildings, however, is less required infrastructure. As a result, land gets sealed to a lesser extend, building materials are saved, and the required energy to operate or maintain infrastructure is significantly lower. Public transportation or bicycles become more attractive for transportation, and citizens can increasingly choose to walk. That does not only benefit climate protection but also strengthens the social structures of a city. Anyone in Frankfurt who is serious about climate protection and housing should give much more support to the construction of hybrid high-rises such as recently the Omniturm or the Project Four, which is currently under development, to strengthen Frankfurt's skyline."

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