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meet@ruhr 2023

Almost 20 years after my apprenticeship, I was back at the legendary EBZ - the European Education Center for the Housing and Real Estate Industry in Bochum (formerly Hösel) for the first time this week. The reason was the meet@ruhr event. The initiator is Dirk Leutbecher from Stony Real Estate Capital. An event that is changing from a regional to a supraregional real estate conference.

The EBZ has not changed much externally. The hotel and school buildings are identical. In 2018, the EBZ added another building with event and office space. The chairman of the board is still Klaus Leuchtmann.

The event took place in the new building. In my opinion, the most exciting speech was given by Werner Rohmert. The publisher of, among others, the Immobilienbrief, Fondsbrief, etc., spoke plainly as usual. He looks pessimistic about the future for now.

Two new real estate heads of the Ruhr area were distinguished. Congratulations to Sandra Altman from GEBAG - Duisburger Baugesellschaft mbH and Timm Sassen from Greyfield Group.

I thank the initiator Dirk Leutbecher, for an informative event where networking was not missed.

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