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immobilienmanager ESG in the focus in Cologne

ESG imFokus in Cologne

The real estate magazine immobilienmanager, published by the Rudolf Müller Media Group, took an in-depth look at ESG this week at its regular imFokus series of events. As the topic is omnipresent in the real estate industry, it was interesting to take part as a guest to get an impression.

The event took place in the offices of the auditing and consulting company RSM Ebner Stolz in Cologne. Union Investment owns the DGNB Platinum-certified property, which was built by Bauwens in collaboration with Revisco in 2015.

My perception of the event was that ESG is no longer a niche topic but is increasingly moving to the center of corporate strategies. The industry seems to be at a turning point where ESG is not just a trend but a permanent change. Taking ESG criteria into account allows companies to be pioneers in terms of sustainability and social responsibility and provides a platform for developing innovative business models.

The industry faces the challenge of adapting to the new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). This regulatory framework is a complex bureaucratic structure that places additional demands on companies.

Companies have a high demand for ESG experts. However, recruitment is proving difficult. ESG employees need expertise, budget, and responsibility.The ministerial draft bill on the abolition of the written form requirement for commercial leases without compensation raises questions about whether it will be possible to reduce unnecessary administrative work intended to make everyday life easier.

Here is the program:

Moderation: André Eberhard and Roswitha Loibl (immobilienmanager)

Presentation: CBAM - What influence does the new CO2 border adjustment mechanism have on the construction industry? (Viktoria Lücke - RMS Ebner Stolz)

Panel: ESG is written on all flags. But how far along are real estate companies really? (Karin Barthelmes-Wehr - Institute for Corporate Governance / Pia Hoffmann-Gallert - Wüest Partner Germany / Manuel Niederhofer - Aachener Grundvermögen / Andreas Wuermeling - pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank)

Presentation: ESG as a moving target - What really matters in the real estate industry. (Dr. Paul Kowitz, Partner - KOWITZ POLICY CONSULTANTS)

Presentation: No data, no business - Logic and benefits of the digital value chain (Dr. Uwe Forgber - Realcube)

Panel: ESG and Human Resources - Who will do the job? (Felix Dorner - aedifion / Thomas Grynia - Grynia Consulting / Florian Mall - DC Developments / Sean Nolan - Concular / Jonathan Schott - BLUECON Engineering)

Lecture: Abolition of the written form requirement for rental agreements and its effects (Johanna Hofmann - RMS Ebner Stolz)

Many thanks to immobilienmanager for an informative event, which also included exchanging ideas between the participants, and RSM Ebner Stolz for their hospitality.

group picture at event
Ronny Kazyska with Andreas Reiner (immobilienmanager / Rudolf Müller Mediengruppe) and Johanna Hofmann (RMS Ebner Stolz)

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