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HypZert annual conference 2024 in Wiesbaden

HypZert annual conference 2024 at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden

I attended the annual Hypzert conference as a Hypzert F expert this week. It's the largest conference for real estate appraisers in Europe. This year it took place near Frankfurt in the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. With currently 2,303 certified real estate experts, Hypzert is the largest certification unit in Germany. Over 1,300 participants attended the two-day conference with expert presentations and panels on various asset classes and an evening gala. Other real estate appraisers preferred to follow the presentations online via live stream.

Here are a few statements from the event:

- The decline in the inflation rate is approaching the 2% target, allowing interest rate cuts from the ECB with a positive impact on real estate demand this year. (Andreas Kunert / Association of German Pfandbrief Banks)

- Given the demographic change, the senior citizens' homes market will consolidate again. Investments remain attractive. (Hypzert expert group for social real estate)

- For logistics properties, a factor of around 20 is the new factor of 30, with purchase prices and capital values remaining constant due to strong rental growth. (Sebastian Betz / LIP Invest GmbH)

- The office has lost its monopoly on work. New work has come to stay. (Deborah Reicherts / LBBW Corporate Real Estate Management GmbH)

Thanks to Hypzert for two interesting congress days and a fabulous evening gala. The fact that you meet so many old companions from the real estate valuation business again makes the event feel a bit like a class reunion.

Ronny Kazyska & Reiner Lux (HypZert)

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