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DZ Hyp New Year reception 2024 in Hamburg

An Evening at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce: Networking and Economic Outlooks


This week, the esteemed Hamburg Chamber of Commerce hosted the New Year's reception of the real estate bank DZ HYP. It was an event that impressed not only architecturally but also professionally. The impressive columned halls of the Chamber were transformed by artful blue lighting into a modern networking arena where real estate professionals met to exchange insights and forecasts for the coming year. The guests – a mix of industry insiders, decision-makers, and experts – clearly felt comfortable in the ambiance that elegantly connected history with modernity.


The event began with a reception, followed by welcomes from Regina Bohla (ADI Academy of Real Estate Industry) and Sabine Barthauer (Chairwoman of the Board of DZ HYP). The highlight of the evening was the guest lecture by Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, who provided a well-founded analysis of the current economic challenges and their impact on the real estate industry. His forecasts – from rising residential rents to impending interest rate cuts – provided valuable insights and were a topic of conversation at the subsequent flying buffet.

Networking was productive and inspiring. It offered the opportunity to engage in dialogue with industry colleagues and conduct business and future-oriented discussions.


As a Hypzert F appraiser and broker, it is crucial for me not only to understand the market but also the people who shape it. Events like this offer a rare opportunity to do both in an environment that unites both historical charm and forward-thinking.


I left Hamburg with many new impressions, valuable contacts, and a renewed perspective on the challenges and opportunities ahead.


The splendid evening at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce marked the kickoff of the DZ HYP's New Year's receptions, which will continue with further top-class events in Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart.

Ronny Kazyska & Sabine Barthauer (DZ Hyp)

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