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DZ Hyp New Year reception 2024 in Frankfurt

Focus on confidence: the final DZ HYP New Year's Reception 2024 in Frankfurt

After Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart, DZ HYP's fifth and final New Year's reception for the year took place in Frankfurt am Main this week. As a guest at the previous receptions in Hamburg and Munich, I was looking forward to the final event in the Main metropolis, which took place in the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten, an oasis in the middle of the city.

The program began with a warm reception, followed by welcoming remarks from Paul Jörg Feldhoff from Feldhoff & Cie. GmbH, ULI Germany Local Chair Frankfurt, and Stefan Schrader from the Board of Management of DZ HYP. Both emphasized the importance of confidence and courageous action for the real estate industry in these turbulent times.

The highlight of the evening was Prof. Dr. Med. Volker Busch's presentation, "Cheer up! How we can shape the future if we remain confident". As a specialist in neurology and psychology and head of a neuroscience working group at the University of Regensburg, Prof. Busch shared his findings on the influence of the media on the public mood, the widespread tendency towards pessimism in Germany, and the often inaccurate nature of forecasts. His appeal to "possibilism," an attitude that balances intense pessimism and optimism, inspired the participants. This mindset encourages people to recognize and take advantage of opportunities.

Following the keynote speech, the flying buffet provided an ideal opportunity for the participants from the real estate industry to exchange ideas in an informal setting and discuss the evening's topics in greater depth. Lively discussions ensued, in which confidence and constructive ideas took center stage.

The Frankfurt reception rounded off DZ HYP's New Year's receptions and left a lasting impression regarding the importance of resilience and proactive action in the real estate industry. It was an evening that impressed me with its excellent networking opportunities and its forward-looking food for thought. As a real estate agent and expert in real estate valuation (HypZert F), I left the Palmengarten full of energy and excited about the opportunities that 2024 has in stock for us.

Ronny Kazyska & Stefan Schrader (DZ Hyp)
Ronny Kazyska & Prof. Dr. med. Volker Busch

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