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DZ Hyp and GKS Stockmann New Year reception 2024 in Munich

Ethics and Networking: The DZ HYP and GSK Stockmann New Year's Reception in Munich

Last week, the real estate bank DZ HYP, in cooperation with the law firm GSK Stockmann, invited guests to the New Year's reception held in the magnificent ballroom of the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. The evening provided excellent networking opportunities and delivered intellectual stimuli that more than met the attendees' expectations.

Upon entering the festively lit reception room, one could feel the dynamic atmosphere emanating from the numerous real estate professionals who had come together to exchange ideas and jointly kick off the new business year. The guests included prominent industry insiders, decision-makers, and experts, who shared their visions and forecasts in lively discussions.

The event commenced with opening remarks by Sabine Barthauer, Chairwoman of the Board of DZ HYP; Dr. Dirk Brückner, Partner and Head of Real Estate at GSK Stockmann; and Marcus Müller, Advisory Board Member of the ADI Academy of Real Estate Industry GmbH, Munich. The highlight of the evening was a lecture by Prof. Dr. med. Alena Buyx, Chairwoman of the German Ethics Council, discusses "Savior or Horror – Ethical Considerations on Artificial Intelligence."

Prof. Dr. med. Alena Buyx, a distinguished expert in medical ethics and health technologies, captivated the audience with her pointed explanations of the current ethical debate surrounding artificial intelligence. Against the backdrop of the increasing spread of AI and its potentially significant influence in fields such as medicine, education, administration, and public opinion formation, she made it clear that AI is already superior to humans in certain task areas. She also emphasized that human intelligence, with its facets of consciousness, experience, and social understanding, cannot be programmed. Therefore, humans will always remain superior to AI. AI cannot take responsibility. It should not and cannot replace human beings.

The flying buffet after the lecture provided the perfect setting for in-depth discussions and exchanges among the participants. As a real estate broker and appraiser, I found that the evening offered an excellent platform for professional networking and set essential impulses for ethical reflection in our industry, which is increasingly determined by technology.

The event in Munich was a complete success and a worthy successor to the Hamburg reception that had taken place a few days earlier. It became clear that DZ HYP's New Year's receptions bring together industry visionaries and stimulate discourse on the future of the real estate industry and beyond.

Ronny Kazyska & Prof. Dr. med. Alena Buyx (German Ethics Council)

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