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Trade Fair Tower

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49

60308 Frankfurt ׀ Germany

P: +49 69 46992759

M: +49 171 6976008

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©2024 Ronny Kazyska

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Ronny Kazyska (M.Sc.) is an experienced investment property specialist with a track record of over €2 bn as a broker and property valuer.

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Ronny Kazyska has been working in the real estate industry since 2002. As an in total twofold certified expert CIS HypZert (F) resp. ZIS izert HSA (G), each according to the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 in combination with a master's degree in real estate valuation, he is the first contact person for investors regarding valuation questions that arise during an upcoming transaction at the exit or the acquisition. Due to his work as an expert, Ronny Kazyska has profound market knowledge and extraordinarily high analytical skills to identify the strengths and weaknesses of property investment and classify them in terms of value. On the strength of his certifications by HypZert and the University Anhalt (public body), he is additionally supervised in his business activities. Codes of conduct obligate compliance with the highest ethical standards and regular continuing education. Work samples get continuously checked for quality assurance.

Proven professional expertise at German universities and academies:

Certified Real Estate Expert HypZert for Financial Purposes ⋅ CIS HypZert (F)


Certified Expert for the Valuation of Developed and Undeveloped Properties - ZIS izert University Anhalt (G) ‧ ZIS izert HSA (G)

Master of Science in Real Estate Valuation (University Anhalt)

Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate (Steinbeis University)

Real Estate Diploma (DIA)

Real Estate Professional (IHK/EBZ)

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Professional valuation of investment properties according to national and/or international valuation methodology in Germany

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Ronny Kazyska stands for profound valuation and transaction expertise, real estate consulting and real estate analysis, and independent professional real estate valuation with a focus on investment properties. Based on deep market knowledge, valuation reports on any asset class are prepared for purchase and sale processes or the purpose of financing, accounting, foreclosure, tax determination, market and mortgage lending value appraisals, or a rental price assessment is provided.


Ronny Kazyska has a master's degree in real estate valuation and is certified by the University Anhalt (izert) and HypZert as an expert for real estate valuation each according to the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024. In the business field of valuation, he provides professional market and mortgage lending value appraisals in accordance with the German regulations ImmoWertV and BelWertV. For foreign clients, valuations can also be carried out according to international valuation methods not standardized in Germany, particularly by the internationally popular DCF method.


The established certification of people according to the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 is recognized worldwide. It confirms founded specialist knowledge and several years of practical professional experience as an expert for real estate valuation and the personal suitability for this responsible field of activity. HypZert, as the most prominent certification body of valuers in Germany with a primary focus on the German financial sector, has existed for more than 25 years. The izert certification body of the University Anhalt is the first state certification body for people in the field of real estate valuation nationwide. 

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Discrete targeted brokerage of single-asset properties and portfolios of all asset and risk classes in Germany


Ronny Kazyska is a nationwide broker of investment properties with a resilient network and expertise in discrete off-market transactions. Investors are always contacted in a targeted manner on the basis of a known requirement profile without any public marketing activities.


Ronny Kazyska, as a twofold certified expert for real estate valuation CIS HypZert (F) resp. ZIS izert HSA (G), analyzes properties in detail, identifies all strengths and weaknesses of the investment, determines the market value and professionally prepares all data and documents for a successful transaction. With deep experience as an appraiser, he knows exactly which data and documents are required to significantly accelerate due diligence processes in order to conduct a transaction to a successful completion.


Ronny Kazyska intensively monitors the nationwide transaction scene, does daily research, thus advises clients in the best possible way and identifies emerging opportunities immediately.


Asset classes in the focus:

  • Office properties.

  • Retail properties.

  • Logistics and industrial properties.

  • Hotel properties.

  • Residential complexes and apartment buildings.

  • Mixed-use investment properties.

  • Student and micro-living.

  • Social and healthcare properties.

  • Daycare centers/kindergartens.

  • Data centers.

  • Parking garages.

  • Special and niche properties.

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Targeted identification of investment opportunities of all asset and risk classes in Germany



Ronny Kazyska conducts the targeted acquisition of investment properties in all risk classes from opportunistic to core for domestic and foreign investors nationwide based on scouting assignments. Due to his profound market knowledge, he identifies attractive off-market opportunities in every asset class, which are unknown to other market participants. Investors participate in an international network, which provides a foundation for discreet and trustworthy off-market transactions in Germany.



Our clientele:

  • Private individual of means.

  • Family offices.

  • Asset managers.

  • Fund companies.

  • Banks/bank subsidiaries.

  • Foundations.

  • Pension funds.

  • Insurance companies.

  • Portfolio holders.

  • Developers.

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

  • Real estate stock corporations.

  • Investment companies.

  • Domestic/foreign pension institutions.


Legal Notice:

Ronny Kazyska

Messeturm ׀ Trade Fair Tower

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49

60308 Frankfurt ׀ Germany

VAT-ID.: DE241697521

P: +49 69 46992759

M: +49 171 6976008

Business license according to § 34c GewO by the city of Frankfurt, Römerberg 23, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany

Supervisory authority:


Frankfurt am Main

Kleyerstr. 86

60326 Frankfurt ׀ Germany

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©2024 Ronny Kazyska

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